Public Works Department

Town Assets:

  • 40.15 miles of road
  • 5 main plow trucks
  • 1-ton maintenance truck
  • Back hoe, sidewalk plow, mower, power broom and sander

The Public Works Department provides snow plowing service for 52 miles of roads plus sidewalks and public parking lots and other public facilities during the winter. In addition road repairs, maintenance and painting of cross walks and parking spaces in town.

All town vehicle fuel is supplied by the Public Works Department at the Beachwood Road facility.

The Town Mechanic is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of all Town vehicles including the Public Works equipment, police cruisers, fire trucks and the Recreation van. Along with the upkeep of the Public Works Department facility and the Town's tank farm.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Michael W. Claus Director of Public Works (207) 967-5728
Eric Smith Foreman (207) 967-5728
Scott Lantagne Equipment Operator (207) 967-5728
April Jones Administrative Assistant (207) 967-5728
Rick Merrill Equipment Operator (207) 967-5728
Kevin Paradis Equipment Operator (207) 967-5728
Bob Pappas Mechanic (207) 967-5728
Hope Mowry Acting Administrative Assistant (207) 967-5728