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Short-Term Rentals 2023


If nothing about the property/rental has changed and you wish to renew your existing license, you will not need to provide the following documentation again at the time of registration.  If the license is in “good standing” the renewal license will be issued. 


Before beginning the process, you should ensure you have electronic versions of the following documents available to upload into the mobile permitting system. 

Here is a list of information/documents that will be needed as part of the Short Term Rentals license process. Keep in mind that individual documents will need to be uploaded to the site, so they will need to be in an electronic file format such as pdf.

Property Location Information:  This will include, owner, contact person (rental agent, property manager, etc.) as well as your Vision ID # (click here for directions to obtain the Vision ID #).  Phone numbers and emails will also be required.

Plot Plan:  A Plot Plan showing the home and designated parking.  This can be hand drawn but must be to scale, or a plan can be done from the town’s GIS site (this option is only available if the home existed in 2018).

Layout:  Floor layout of dwelling showing bedrooms, hallways, emergency exits, etc. Include locations of all smoke detectors, as well as location of required fire extinguisher (CLICK HERE for an example)

Septic Design:  Copy of septic design (if on septic) or inspection verification from 3rd party verifying location and condition. Some septic plans are available at the Code Office, or online state Septic System Permit Search database.

Sewer Bill:  Copy of sewer bill (if not on septic).  Click here to obtain a copy.

Good Neighbor Guidelines:  Acknowledgment of receipt of Good Neighbor Guidelines (Good Neighbor Guidelines).

Adopted by the Board of Selectmen on August 11, 2022: 

2023 Short Term Rental License Cap:



Goose Rocks Beach






(outside GRB)

STR Licenses CAP



% of Total of Dwelling Units outside of GRB-------------9.5% 

Fee Schedule 2023

$325 - 3 bedrooms or less

$575 - 4 bedrooms or more

Background Section 129-9 of the ordinance:
The total number of licenses issued in each calendar year shall be set annually by the Board of Selectmen. The limitation on the total number of licenses set by the Board of Selectmen shall first go into effect on January 1, 2023.

Formula: The total number of licenses issued in each calendar year shall be set by the Board of Selectmen annually according to a formula based in part upon a percentage of the total number of residential dwelling units in the Town of Kennebunkport (Formula:  Cap  =  ( __% )  X  ( # of dwelling units outside of GRB).

Goose Rocks Beach Neighborhood: No short-term rental located in the Goose Rocks Beach Neighborhood (click here to view map and click here to view GRB Addresses) shall be advertised, rented, or operated as a short-term rental without first obtaining a short-term rental license. Licensed short-term rentals located in the Goose Rocks Beach Neighborhood shall not be counted towards the total number of short-term rental licenses to be set annually by the Board of Selectmen under § 129-9A herein, and to be issued on an annual basis thereafter by the Town.

2022 Short Term Rental Licenses Analysis:
(Based on Assessor’s data as of April 1, 2022)


Goose Rocks Beach

Outside of GRB


Total Dwelling Units




STR Licenses




% of Dwelling Units with STR Licenses





For more information regarding Short Term Rentals, please refer to the Short Term Rental Ordinance.

Short Term Rental Ordinance

For Neighbors:

The Good Neighbor Guidelines (click here) outline an agreement STR operators have accepted in order to obtain an annual permit.

To report a suspected violation at a short-term rental property
please call (207) 204-3980. Or to register a complaint online visit:

If it is unknown whether the property in question is a STR,
residents are welcome to call the non-emergency police number at
(207) 967-2454 to report a complaint.