Casella's Recycling "OOPS!" Sticker

The Solid Waste and Recycling Committee would like to thank Kennebunkport residents for helping to make our first week of the return of curbside recycling a success.

To keep our recycling costs low, we need to have clean and correct recycling materials picked up by our hauling contractor. Through our education efforts, our Facebook postings, and our website, we have posted do’s and don’ts on recycling along with other recycling education material.  If there is contamination in your recycling bin, you will get an "OOPS!" ticket from Oceanside Rubbish, a Division of Casella Waste Systems (our trash and recycling collection company). Below is a copy of the "OOPS!" stickers that will be left on contaminated recycling bins (or other "RECYCLING" marked container). These stickers have been designed by Casella to address all kinds of collection issues within all the different towns in which they operate.

Please note that only the “RECYCLING CONTAMINATION” section of these stickers applies to Kennebunkport collections – all other sections are applicable to towns other than Kennebunkport.

Contamination is a problem for all recycling programs.  If our contamination is high, the material you think will be recycled will have to be incinerated as trash at over double the cost of residential solid waste. The resulting extra costs could cause Kennebunkport to cancel the entire recycling program once again. Having these "OOPS!" stickers is an essential tool to remind us if contamination is found in our recycling bins. There is no shame in receiving the FIRST one.


oops sticker