School Street Cemetery

The earliest burial here is Yeoman John Murphy who died in 1792 at the age of 42.~ His wife, Elizabeth Downing died in 1800 at age 49. Their spinster daughter, Hannah, died in 1833 and on her headstone is a very touching verse:

“Consecrated by the children of her charge.  A mother to the motherless and whose life exemplified her Christian character.”

The most recent burial at the School Street Cemetery is Lucy Hall, 1923.

Cape Porpoise Cemetery

The first burial is Charles Lord in 1812.  There are several sea captains interred here as well as John W. Tanner, the oldest son of Hannah and John V. Tanner who drowned at sea on September 7, 1874, when he was 14.

The most recent burial here is 1974.

Jacob Wildes Cemetery

The family of Captain Jacob Wildes rest at this small plot.  The obelisk in this picture is engraved for Jacob, 1726 – 1822 and his wife, Lydia, 1730 – 1797.  Other burials include their grandson, Captain William Wildes, 1765 – 1823, and his daughter Lucy who died in 1829.  This plot has several burials marked only with field stones and another couple which are apparent only as slightly sunken areas in the ground.