Pier Road Causeway Project

pier road causeway

In 2013 the Town identified the need to rebuild a portion of Pier Road due to continued flooding which impacts the public's ability to access the Cape Porpoise Pier and private properties.

The goal is to elevate the Pier Road causeway to improve resiliency. Planning and Engineering of the project was included in the FY23 budget. The Town received an award of $2.6 milllion for construction services from the 2022 Maine Infrastructure Adaptatation Fund.

Below is the current schedule for the project. The road will remain open to traffic for the duration of the project. There may be some minor delays as traffic may be limited to one lane.

June 30, 2023 – Plans, specifications, and cost estimates completed

July 2023 – Request for proposals sent out

August 2023 – Contractor chosen from submitted bids

October 2023 – Construction starts

May 2024 – Substantial Completion of work with binder pavement

June 2025 – Surface pave road (delayed one year to allow for settlement)

Most recent update: June 30, 2023