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The Town of Kennebunkport has a Town Meeting - Board of Selectmen - Town Manager form of government which works to set policy and strategic direction in the best interests of the municipality as a whole. Selectmen meetings are typically held on the second and fourth Thursday of every month, with occasional variations due to holidays.  Meetings are normally held at 7:00 p.m. at the Village Fire Station Meeting Room, 30 North Street.  To see the meeting agendas or minutes, please see the links on the Selectmen’s page.

The five-member Board of Selectmen are elected on staggered terms by the voters of Kennebunkport through the annual town meting. The Selectmen hold the powers and duties afforded to them under Maine law, as well as town ordinances. The powers and duties of the Board of Selectmen shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Acting as assessors and overseers of the poor;
  • The appointment of members of the Planning Board, the Appeals Board, the Board of Assessment Review, and other boards, agencies and positions as provided by statute and by the Administrative Code, of a citizen to a town board or commission;
  • To propose to the Town Meeting the enactment or repeal of ordinances which require approval by a Town Meeting;
  • To adopt, amend or repeal ordinances and regulations which do not require approval by a Town Meeting;
  • To provide for the granting of licenses and permits for the conduct of any business in accordance with statute for such periods of time and in accordance with such rules and regulations not inconsistent with statute and upon payment by the licenses of such fees as the Board of Selectmen may establish;
  • To recommend a budget to the Annual Town Meeting; and
  • To oversee all activities within the Town government but not to direct Town employees, either in public or in private, such being the responsibility of the Town Manager.  Not withstanding the above and with the exception of personnel matters, the Board of Selectmen have the authority to discuss any issue affecting the Town with any employee of the Town.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Laurie A. Smith Town Manager (207) 967-1606
Tracey O'Roak Administrative Assistant (207) 967-1607

Board Members

Allen A. Daggett


June 2021


Sheila Matthews-Bull


June 2022


Patrick A. Briggs

June 2022


Edward W. Hutchins

June 2023


D. Michael Weston

June 2021