Submission Requirements

Check List

Information that must be submitted with your application package to the zoning board of appeals before a hearing is scheduled

Warning: Failure to submit all of the required information may result in the cancellation of your public hearing, making it necessary for you to re-file your application. Applications must be filed in the town office a minimum of twenty-one (21) days before the next regularly scheduled meeting. The ZBA meets on the first & third mondays of each month (unless it falls on a holiday).

  1. Show right, title or interest in the property by submitting the following:
    1. _____ A photo copy of the deed that is registered at the York County Registry of Deeds.
    2. _____ A photo copy of the Assessors tax card on the property  (available at the Town Office), along with a copy of the tax map with the property in question highlighted.
  2. Plans of the property showing the following:
    1. _____ Dimensions and shape of the lot.
    2. _____ The size, location and dimensions of existing building with all dimensions from building(s) to lot line shown.
    3. _____ The location(s) and dimensions of proposed buildings or alterations.
    4. _____ Any natural or topographic peculiarities of the lot in question.
    5. _____ Any surveyors markers.
    6. _____ Drawings showing the four elevations of the proposed completed structure with height indicated.
  3. Additional information required:
    1. _____ The application form will include the names and current mailing addresses of all property owners within two hundred (200) feet of the property in question.  *Please be sure to include Map, Block & Lot numbers for each abutter.
    2. _____ At the time of filing the application, a $40 filing fee, plus postage costs ($6.73 per abutter) for sending certified mail notices to abutting property owners and $100 for newspaper publication shall be paid.  
    3. _____ It is the responsibility of the applicant to mail a copy of the completed application and all items listed above to each ZBA member a minimum of 14 days before the next regularly scheduled meeting.  Failure to submit any item may result in the cancellation of your public hearing and will delay the ZBA decision.