Medications & Hazardous Wastes Disposal


Kennebunkport provides free disposal of medications and sharps. This includes prescription, over the counter and animal medications. Pills and capsules are to be deposited in the green collection box located in the Police Department lobby. Please do not dispose loose pills or liquids in our collection box. Sharps are to be left with the nursing staff for disposal in the Hazardous Waste container. They must be in sturdy plastic containers, such as a red Haz-Mat container or laundry bottles, in order to protect staff from accidental pricks. If sharps are not properly stored, we may ask that you fix this issue and bring them back in a protected container. If you have any questions about the disposal of medications, please feel free to come in to the Public Health office to ask. DO NOT PUT NEEDLES INTO THE POLICE LOBBY MEDICATION BIN! 

Residents are asked to store their used needles,blood sugar lancets and testing strips in an empty sturdy plastic containers like laundry detergent containers.  These containers should be brought to the Public Health Office for hazardous waste disposal. These containers may also be placed into household trash if secured tightly and clearly labeled "DO NOT RECYCLE". For more information on disposal follow this link for EPA reccomendations: Needle disposal. Please call the Health Office (207) 967-4401 if you have any questions.

Do you have left over paint that needs to be disposed of? You can return your paint back to participating paint stores for safe disposal. Check it out, there are also other hazardous household items that can be returned to participating stores!