Meeting date: 
Monday, August 9, 2021
August 9, 2021
Meeting called to order via zoom at 6:30.  
Present: Jennifer Comeau and Carol Laboissonniere
New members and applicants present: Robin Phillips, Carol Morris, Steve Hanna, Beth Richardson, Karen Hall, Susi Wolfe
1. Introduction of new members and applicants
2. Review of Conservation Commission Mission Statement
3. Discussion of Active Planning Board Applications
a. Beth Richardson volunteered to take the lead on interacting with the Planning Board on applications and Land Use Ordinance issues based on her past Planning Board experience in Cape Elizabeth
b. Robin volunteered to check out best practices for in water salt water dock materials and construction
c. Discussed Acorn Engineering report for Ocean Woods Resort
4. Discussed noise and emission issues with gas generators at construction sites.
5. General discussion of Town climate action plan and how it is coordinated among the various Town departments. Steve brought up issues to consider in this regard.
6. Discussion of reported strong septic smell at intersection of Dykes Road and Kings Highway. Steve to follow up.
7. New committee members started discussion of KCC developing policy plan for moving forward. Beth volunteered in this regard based upon her experience in Cape Elizabeth, with Carol Morris also volunteering.
8. Discussion of Carol’s involvement in Portland Pesticide Management Advisory Committee and issues for Kennebunkport developing pesticide and fertilizer guidelines.
9. Next meeting 9/13/2021 at 6:30 via zoom.
Respectfully submitted, 
Carol Laboissonniere, Chair