The following regulations shall govern the disposal of septic waste at the treatment facilities:

(A). Septic waste from the Town of Kennebunkport, or from any other municipality with written authorization from the Selectmen, will be accepted.

(B). A permit must be procured from the Director of Public Works or the Director of Public Works' authorized representative prior to receiving any septic waste for subsequent disposal at the Town's treatment facilities.

(C). The application for said permit shall be signed by the property owner or the property owner's duly authorized representative and shall indicate the source of the septic waste.

(D). Any waste which the Director of Public Works or any agent of the Director of Public Works deems suspicious shall be tested, at the waste hauler's expense, to ascertain that the waste meets the specifications for sludge composition and is free of detrimental chemicals.

(E). The waste hauler shall be responsible for the removal and proper disposal of the contaminated waste and any other materials that may have contaminated.

(F). The waste hauler shall be duly licensed in accordance with the laws of the State of Maine, and shall provide a copy of the license to the Director of Public Works.