Sec. 1. The source of a portion of the revenues for retiring debt service, capital expenditures, operation and maintenance of the public sewer system of the Town shall be a sewer service charge assigned to owners of property located within the limits of the Town whose property, residence, or place of business is capable of being tied into the sewer system pursuant to Article III, section 5 of this Ordinance. A portion of the funds collected pursuant to this Article shall be placed in a separate reserve fund for operation and maintenance, including replacement, of the public sewer system. The contribution to the reserve fund shall be determined by the Selectman on a year to year basis.

Sec. 2. Sewer service charge rates shall be determined by the Board of Selectmen on a year to year basis. The sewer service charge will be computed and billed at regular intervals though the calendar year, as established by the Board of Selectmen. In general, charges will be calculated based on the following criteria:

(A) The total cost annually of operating and maintaining the sewer system.

(B) Forty percent (40%) of the cost annually necessary to retire the debt service.

(C) The following schedule of unit charges:

Minimum charge: 1 Sewer Unit

Single Family Dwelling Unit: 1 Sewer Unit

Multi-family Dwelling Unit or Condominium Dwelling Unit: 1 Sewer Unit per DU*

School students every 20: 1 Sewer Unit

Motel/Hotel/Inn/Bed and Breakfast Units (every two rooms with double occupancy): 1 Sewer Unit

Motel/Hotel/Inn/Bed and Breakfast Units (every four rooms with single occupancy): 1 Sewer Unit

Restaurant Seats (every ten seats): 1 Sewer Unit

Tourist-House Rooms (every two double occupancy rooms): 1 Sewer Unit

Tourist-House Rooms (every four single occupancy rooms): 1 Sewer Unit

Yacht or Country Club Members (every 50 members): 1 Sewer Unit

Church or Club Members (every 100 members): 1 Sewer Unit

Commercial Employees (every 0-5 employees): 1 Sewer Unit

Commercial Employees (every 5-10 employees): 1.5 Sewer Units

Industry Employees (every 0-10 employees): 1.5 Sewer Units

Gas Station: 3 Sewer Units

Laundromat Machines: 1 Sewer Unit

Campground (sewer hookups): 1 Sewer Unit

Septic Waste: $.10 per Gallon

Sec. 3. The sewer service charges assigned to any property owner who contributes a significant quantity of industrial waste to the public sewers, or who contributes a combination of sewage and industrial waste to the public sewer, shall be determined on a block rate structure based on water consumption. The property owners to be charged in this manner will be determined by the Selectmen on a year-to-year basis.

Sec. 4. A special sewer service charge shall be assigned to any commercial, industrial firm or organization who, by virtue of the volume, strength or unusual characteristics of their waste alone, would overload or upset the capacity or efficiency of the public sewer system or a part thereof if such waste entered the public sewer or whose waste disposal situation is such that it would be in the public interest to waive the requirements of Section 1, 2, and 3 of this Article. The Selectmen, after appropriate study, and advice from the Director of Public Works, shall assign a special sewer service charge to such an entity by separate agreement with said entity. The applicable portions of the preceding section, as well as the equitable rights of the public, shall be the basis for such an arrangement.

Sec. 5. The Director of Public Works reserves the right, from time to time, to change sewer service charges originally or previously assigned to any property owner.

Sec. 6. Each sewer service charge levied pursuant to these rules and regulation is hereby made a lien on the premises. If said charge is not paid within thirty (30) days after it becomes due and payable, it shall be certified to the Town Treasurer who shall record notice of said lien with interest and penalties allowed by law in the York County Registry of Deeds.

Sec. 7. The charges and assessments levied pursuant to this Article XIII shall be used consistently with the Clean Water Act, 33 U.S.C. e 1251 et seq., as amended, and all other applicable federal regulations.

Sec. 8. When a Sewer Connection Application is processed, and a permit is issued, the owner of the property for which the application was issued will be billed for the units that were approved. If the application was approved during the billing year, the sewer charge will be pro-rated for the rest of that year; any year thereafter the owner will receive a bill for all the units that were approved for a full year. The sewer bill will be assessed regardless of whether the units are tied into the collection system or not.