Foot Care


Alison Kenneway RN, BSN is an experienced registered nurse. Her carreer has been focused on critical care patients and emergency medicine. In 2015 she transitioned to Kennebunkport Public Health Department. Here her carreer changed to focus on Community nursing, and Public Health. It became evident that foot care is a need in our community and pursued becoming a Certified Foot Care Nurse. She studied under Dr Julia Overstreet, a Podiatrist at Rainier Medical Education, Issaquah, Washington and through the American Foot Care Nurses Association. Alison is currently a certified foot care nurse and is currently a member of the American Foot Care Nurses Association. It is documented in medical journals that proper, regular foot care is essential in helping seniors to maintain mobility, independence and a sense of well-being; and decrease the risk of falling. Alison's mission is to provide safe, appropriate and beneficial foot care to our seniors while working collaboratively with team members, health care providers and other disciplines when necessary. 

What is a "foot care nurse"? 

  • A foot care nurse (FCN) is a professional who has obtained additional, specialized training in the care and treatment of "routine" foot care problems.

What does the nurse do during "routine" foot care?

  • Reduce nail length
  • Reduce nail thickness
  • Reduce or remove corns, calluses
  • Remove the ingrown part of the nail if needed
  • Moisturize the skin with lotion
  • The focus is the safety, health and comfort of the client, from a medical foundation. 
  • A foot care nurse does not replace a Podiatrist or Medical Doctor but works collaboratively in understanding the best practice protocols and procedures for a client. If an client presents with a condition that is outside the scope of practice of the FCN, they will be assisted in pursuing an appropriate referral. 
  • Take a brief history of underlying disease, foot health, current medications.
  • Examine foot structure, foot health, circulation, and skin care issues
  • Assess footwear
  • Provide ongoing foot care education to the client

How to obtain foot care:

  • Call Kennebunkport Public Health Department 967-4401 to sign up for one of the monthly foot care clinics (clinics are not limited to town residents).
  • There is a $35.00 fee per client. Fees are due at the time of service in cash, or check made to the Town of Kennebunkport. 
  • If you are a diabetic patient, you will need to ge a referral from your podiatrist first. (see attached referral form)
  • Plan to spend about 30-45 minutes at each appointment.  
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