GPC Questions of the Week

Should the town of Kennebunkport create an account for the purchase of conservation land?

Should the GPC seek to hire a planning agency to conduct suitability studies to determine and recommend which specific areas of town are least suitable for development due to soils and geography and history of use, in order to establish Resource Protection Zones within the town which would guide the committee in establishings specific growth areas?

Should developers of land parcels greater than ten acres be required to pay for any and all infrastructure expenses which would otherwise fall to the town, with a bond set aside for future repair, maintenance or infrastructure costs; the amount of said bond to be established by a committee composed of representatives of each town committee and including townspeople who live in a near radius of the proposed development?

Should impact fees be estalblished to be paid upfront by the developer [of parcels greater than ten acres?]

The public may respond by:

  1. E-mail to
  2. Telephone to 967-4243 ext 103
  3. Contacting selectmen
  4. Contacting members of the GPC
  5. Snail mail to:
    Town of Kennebunkport
    Attn:  GPC Comments
    P.O. Box 566
    Kennebunkport, ME  04046