Tax Club

tax club

The Town of Kennebunkport is pleased to introduce the “Tax Club”.

The Tax Club is a tax payment plan that taxpayers can utilize to assist in relieving the pressure of dual lump sum payments for Real Estate taxes. It works like a Christmas Club where the taxpayer and Town enter into an agreement which allows one to budget their obligation over a 10-month period. During this agreement period, interest will not accrue as long as the taxpayer is current with their obligation in accordance with the agreement.

Payments will be due on the 15th of every month for a total of 10 months, commencing in August 2020 and running thru May 2021.

Sign up now to take advantage of this offer!

Please fill out the Plan Agreement and return to the Finance Department.

We can be reached at:

Jennifer Lord              967-1608

Nicole Evangelista       967-1609

Yanina Nickless           967-1616


tax club