E-911 Street Name and Addressing


The Town of Kennebunkport adopted the State of Maine E-911 addressing standards as a part of our municipal ordinance in 1997.  In order to answer 911 calls properly and to provide emergency services as fast as possible; we are required to maintain accurate road and addressing information.

Street Ordinance

PURPOSE:   The purpose of this ordinance is to provide each street, road and way (hereinafter referred to as street) both public and private, with one official and approved name and all residences and businesses thereon assigned numbers that will enable quick, easy identification and location of same by police, fire, emergency medical personnel and mercantile delivery services, as well as the U. S. Postal Service address. Use of a Post Office Box for mail delivery does not defeat the purpose of this Ordinance.

This ordinance is administered by the E-911 Addressing Officer with assistance from Police and Fire personnel as well as other town staff.  All street numbers, as well as all road names for public and private ways, must be approved through this office.

Once assigned, please place and display the number(s) assigned to your property(s) prominently on or near your front door, visible from the street.  The number shall be a minimum of four (4) inches in height if placed within fifty (50) feet from the street and six (6) inches high if over fifty (50) feet from the street.  If the building is over one hundred (100) feet from the street, or not readily visible from the street, the number shall be displayed on a post, monument or other structure next to the driveway where it enters the street. These simple requirements will assist emergency responders in locating you, as well as assisting utilities, delivery services and others who may need to find you.

Downloadable Forms:

Request for new E911 Address

Street Name Request Form
Current Street Names

Contact Information:

James Burrows, E-911 Addressing Officer
Becky Nolette, 967-4243 ext. 103