Posted Roads

Restricted Vehicle Weight on Posted Roadways

The Town of Kennebunkport has authorized the closing of certain town ways to any non-exempt vehicle or combination of vehicles registered for a gross weight of over 23,000 pounds.  The following roads will be closed to such traffic commencing on March 1, 2017 and will remain closed until at least April 24, 2017, unless postings are removed by the Town of Kennebunkport.  Any violation of the rules is a traffic infraction punishable by a fine of not less than $250.  Home Heating Fuel Delivery Trucks and Municipal Solid Waste Collection Trucks are exempt from Posted Road regulations.  The posting shall remain in force except when the way is solidly frozen.  The highway is considered solidly frozen only when the air temperature is 32 degrees F. or below and no water is showing in the cracks in the road.  Both conditions must be met.

The Town of Kennebunkport will be posting restricted vehicle weight signs on the following roads:

  • Arundel Road from Goff Brook to Goose Rocks Road
  • Beachwood Avenue from North Street to Route 9
  • Dyke Road
  • Goose Rocks Road from Log Cabin Road to Route 9
  • Guinea Road from Goose Rocks Road to Biddeford Line
  • Langsford Road
  • Locke Street
  • Maine Street from Elm Street to Wildes District Road
  • New Biddeford Road from Route 9 to Kings Highway
  • Northwood Drive
  • Oak Ridge Road
  • Oak Street
  • Ocean Avenue
  • Old Cape Road from Beachwood Avenue to Route 9
  • Pier Road
  • River Road from Goff Brook to North Street
  • Stone Road from Beachwood Avenue to Goose Rocks Road
  • Walkers Lane from North Street to Beachwood Avenue
  • Ward Road
  • West Street
  • Whitten Hill Road from Goose Rocks Road to Guinea Road
  • Wildes District Road
  • Winter Harbor Road from Route 9 to New Biddeford Road
  • Others, if needed

Please feel free to contact the Highway Department at 967-5728 if you have any questions or concerns.